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HPL Medical Equipment is a trusted Canadian supplier of a wide variety of medical supplies, equipment and accessories for Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Fire Departments and Police Services.  Our variety of products allows us to work with a wide range of small to large services across Canada, the United States and beyond.

HPL Medical Equipment strives to provide innovative, premium and brand name products to all of our clients in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Halifax, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and beyond. We also understand our clients have budgets, and so we strive to find alternative medical equipment and supplies as well as keep our costs low.  We are constantly on the lookout for new, innovative and alternative products in order to help you save more lives while costing less money.

One major thing that separates HPL Medical Equipment from our competition is our willingness to supply our medical equipment, supplies, and accessories to individuals and not just large medical services. We provide Stocked First Aid Kits, replenishing supplies for your existing First Aid Kits as well as Medical Supplies for Home Care, Infant / Child Care, and EMS / Medical Students. We pride ourselves on being a complete medical equipment and supply solution for your home, and/or business.

HPL Medical Equipment is the manufacturer of Sick ‘N Seal, the innovative, resealable vomit bag with a clean twist. Our Sick ‘N Seal vomit bags are being used by Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Fire Departments, Police Services, Hospitals as well as on Airplanes, Helicopters, Amusement Park Rides and even in Cars, Buses, Trains and in Homes all across North America to help keep the mess out of vomiting as well as to help keep viruses, bacteria and other pathogens from being transferred in confined areas. Cities like Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Halifax, New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas are already using our Sick ‘N Seal vomit bags to make a huge difference in their cities, homes and businesses.

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