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Barricade tapes help prevent accidents and keep people safe by securing dangerous areas in a quick, easy, and economical way
Manufactured for durability and resistance to the elements, this barrier tape features the “CAUTION DO NOT ENTER” warning message.
The high strength barrier tape is is non-toxic, non-flammable and is free from lead.It uses UV resistant ink and stays flexible even in cold weather.

It is made from  non-adhesive polyethylene and is strong enough for indoor or outdoor use. The printed message repeats along the length of one side of the barricade tape, and it comes in rolls  in a dispenser box.

As all of us know COMMUNICATION makes a difference! So the large, black, block font of “CAUTION” communicates “keep out of this area! This is clearly visible and helps prevent injury and accidents by marking construction area, obstacles and hazards. An important safety tool for contractors, utility, maintenance, public safety jobs.

It unrolls quickly and can be tied or tacked to posts, trees.

Key features:

Essential safety tool for contractors, utility, maintenance, asphalt/concrete, public safety jobs.
High-visibility yellow tape with large black ‘CAUTION’ lettering
Barricade Tapes help identify and warn of restricted entry to prohibited areas. Made of durable polyethylene plastic.
Barricade Tapes resist tearing and can be used above ground, buried and in detectable applications.

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