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Clear tape (Hypoallergenic) is transparent to allow for visualization of I.V. tubing, catheters, and other dressings that require monitoring and features perforations to aid in air circulation. This tape tears easily, both across and lengthwise.

Clear Tape (Hypoallergenic) is used for sites where a clear view is required. Formulated for individual use, this tape has been tested on a wide range of patients and proven to not cause an adverse skin reaction, making it an ideal medical tape for a different types of patients.  It is water resistant and is easily torn by hand in any direction, and is ideal for use on the face, neck or other cosmetic areas.

Hypoallergenic Clear Tape features and benefits:

  • Transparent plastic tape adheres well to skin and tubing.
  • Ideal for I.V. tubing and catheter tape downs.
  • Easily torn across or lengthwise.

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