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COHESIVE COMPRESSION BANDAGE – 2″ X 5 YARDS provide controlled and consistent compression and conform to all body contours. Made from a lightweight and porous material, cohesive elastic bandages are soft and easy on the skin, and yet the adhesive properties make them water and slip resistant, ensuring they will stay securely in place. There is no need to use pins, clips or tape as cohesive elastic bandages won’t stick to skin, hair or wound beds, making them ideal for sensitive or traumatized areas, or wet environments where tape cannot be used. These bandages can be torn easily by hand and eliminate the need for scissors or special dispensers, making them simple and quick to apply.

This lightweight cohesive elastic bandage allows the skin to breathe while the wound heals. It maintains consistent compression and absorbs energy shocks from strenuous activity. This wrap can be quickly applied in a continuous motion. It adheres to itself without clips or fasteners.

Multi-functional, cohesive elastic bandages can be used to secure wound dressings, as well as to provide support to joints such as ankles, knees and wrists when treating ligament sprains and strains. They may also be used in conjunction with other bandages and foams and padding in phlebology and Lymphedema treatment applications.

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