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Elastic Bandage 3”

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Elastic bandage 3” serves the purpose of providing uniform support without the restriction of movement for outstanding compression and circulation. Each piece is individually packaged with 2 detachable clips for exact positioning. Measures 5 yards when stretched. These elastic bandages are latex-free in order to avoid latex-related allergies.

An elastic bandage puts gentle, even pressure on the tissue around an injury to decrease pain and swelling. It also gives support to an injured area. In any of the following cases, elastic bandages will be helpful:

  • Improving blood flow to a limb
  • Wrapping around a limb splint during healing
  • Holding bandages in place
  • Holding cold or hot packs in place

Contact your healthcare provider if:

  • There is pain or cramping in the limb where the bandage is wrapped.
  • There is a tingling sensation or numbness that does not go away even after you remove it.
  • There is coldness or paleness in your hand or foot after you remove the bandage.
  • There is redness that was not present when the bandage was first applied.
  • There are questions or concerns about how to use the product.

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