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Emesis-Vomit Bags box of 50

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Emesis-Vomit bags -Lightweight and easy to carry product .

The environmental protection high toughness plastic film bags are made by special technology i.e., High paper cards plastic container.. Now there is a better way to handle a vomiting patient. Protect your staff, uniforms and bedclothes from soiling, infection and cleaning expenses. Fits over mouth preventing spraying and spillage. Odor retained within bag.

The biggest feature of this product is, it is Good for All Ages, Children , Adult and Pregnant Women. It is easy to hold and Grip. Has a Closure Mechanism after Vomit.  It is no doubt , a very Valuable product during Travel!

This product is a good partner inseparable from people’s daily life, family, hospitals, Paramedic,public transportation, and many other places can often see its shadow. Our support customized logo can be printed on.

Material:environmental PE, paper cards.

This cleverly designed Emesis-Vomit bags, vomit will not back out, leak proof plastic film bags Lightweight and easy to carry product .

More detail on the Barf bags : visit https://www.hplmedical.ca

Key Features:

  • 6″ wide rigid collar to facilitate use
  • Scale printed on outside of bag for approximating volume.
  • Good for All Ages, Children and Adult and Pregnant Women.
  • Graduated markings to measure oz. and cc/mL
  • environmental PE, paper cards.
  • leak proof
  • Single use


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