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M45 Thermal Aerosol Smoke Generator

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Patented in 1977, Turbo-Fog® was the first M45 Thermal Aerosol Smoke Generator and has been blowing smoke for over 30 years. Turbo-Fog® M-45 is a versatile, lightweight, portable, self-contained smoke generator capable of producing dense, voluminous white smoke, using our leak proof liquid smoke cartridges. Each cartridge may be replaced in seconds, allowing quick and easy replacement, even while the unit is operating, allowing for continuous, uninterrupted smoke production. No adding additional smoke bombs or pumping garden sprayers for additional test time.

Product Features

Smoke Cartridges Create Safe, Clean, Non-Irritating Smoke
Produces Continuous Dense Smoke
Versatile – Lightweight – Compact
Portable – Hand-Carryable – One Person Operable
Smoke Cartridges May be Replaced in Seconds
Product Specifications

Blower Air-Volume Capacity – 2,000 CFM
Static Pressure – 5.5″ (Water)
Smoke Volume Capacity (Adjustable) – 0 to 175,000 + CFM
Smoke Discharge Velocity – 6,6000 FPM (75 MPH)
Smoke Particle Size – 0.5 to 50 Microns
Smoke-Agent Cartridge Size – 24 Fluid Ounce Capacity
Fuel Tank Capacity – 2 Quarts (2 hours)
Dimensions L x W x H (inches) 19 x 17 x 18
Weight – 45 lbs.
Range – 500 + Feet
Engine – Briggs & Stratton Industrial-Type, Ordnance Qualified. One-cylinder, 4-cycle, air-cooled, “Kool-Bore” cylinder for Long-Life and Trouble-free performance. One-Year Briggs & Stratton Engine Warranty.


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