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Skin Barrier Arc – 2″ X-tra wide

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Under the Appliance:

The Skin Barrier Arcs can be placed directly on the skin around the stoma to create a smooth platform, which allows for changing to a new pouch without having to remove the skin barrier arcs from the skin.

The Skin Barrier Arcs protect the skin from trauma caused by repetitive removal of tapes and adhesives.

You can apply your wafer or tapes directly over the skin barrier arcs.

Over the Appliance:

The Skin Barrier Arcs can be placed around the wafer to secure the edges from lifting up, creasing or loosening.

Picture frame around the edges of the wafer using 1-3 arcs.

Skin Barrier Arcs provide an excellent skin friendly alternative to waterproof tapes and give you a waterproof seal around the wafer when bathing or showering.


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