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HPL Medical Equipment is licensed by Health Canada to sell medical supplies and medical equipment. We ship anywhere in Canada, the United States, Europe, Africa, South America, Australia and Asia. HPL offers the best pricing possible on quality approved medical supplies and medical equipment.

HPL Medical sells innovative, premium and brand name supplies and medical equipment. Our extensive inventory of medical equipment and supplies is constantly expanding to equip the diverse range of medical related industry needs. Here are just a few of the medical fields that save money with HPL Medical Equipment:

  • Hospitals
  • EMS – Emergency Medical Services
  • Fire Departments
  • Police Services – Military
  • Mid Wives – Maternity
  • Ambulance Services
  • Home Care Providers
  • Nurses – Nursing
  • Dental-Dentists
  • Schools


We understand our customers have budgets, so we are constantly searching for alternative medical equipment and supplies to keep our prices as low as possible. No matter how big or small you may be, HPL offers lower cost supply solutions and approved supplies and medical equipment.


Save even more with our Bulk Pricing
on Supplies and Medical Equipment

Bulk pricing on medical equipment and supplies can translate into massive savings. Our new customers are often amazed at how much they can save on consumable medical supplies.

When it comes to medical supplies that have to be replenished on a regular basis, there are big saving when you buy in bulk. If there are any items you are interested in buying in bulk give us a toll free call, or request a bulk Quote on supplies and medical equipment.

Get a Free Purchasing Analysis

Let us know what supplies and medical equipment you need and we can tell you how much you will save. In many cases we have new supplies and equipment that offers improved performance at a lower cost. Need to equip a new office, department, company or organization? Give us a call for substantial savings on supplies and medical equipment.

Saving money with HPL Medical Equipment stretches your supply and equipment budget, without sacrificing quality. Discover how much HPL can save you. Schedule your free analysis on medical supplies and medical equipment

Start saving today with HPL Medical Equipment

Contact HPL Medical and our medical equipment and supplies experts can answer any questions you may have. Let us help you reduce your medical purchasing costs while improving efficiency and improving your bottom line.

If you have any questions, or concerns, give us a call and an HPL expert is ready to respond. We alos have a simple form for info on medical supplies and medical equipment.


License Number: 5478