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This Economical CPR POCKET MASK  features a transparent dome, one-way valve and will seal completely to faces of infants, children and adults. CPR Pocket Masks are intended for emergency, first response, home or office use.

The purpose of the CPR Mask is to provide protected rescue breathing for any patient and may also be used with a resuscitator. The mask helps protect rescuers in an emergency situation. It also avoids direct contact with patient’s mouth, nose and face, and helps to start resuscitation.

The transparent dome let’s rescuer to optically check for patient’s lip color and vomitus.

This CPR mask / CPR face shield uses a one-way valve to prevent the cross contamination that is likely from unprotected mouth-to-mouth contact with the patient.

The mask is easy to store and carry with it’s included hardshell case. It has a contoured soft vinyl cuff that creates a leak-proof seal which shapes easily to adult, child and infant facial contours. The oxygen inlet port allows the mask to remain on the patient with supplemental oxygen flowing.


CPR Mask includes :


  • Soft, Vinyl CPR mask
  • Carry case
  • Disposable Vinyl Gloves
  • Basic CPR instructions

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